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Workplace Investigations

Lee Law Firm is experienced at conducting workplace investigations including investigations involving allegations of discrimination, harassment, favoritism, whistleblower retaliation, disclosure of trade secrets, embezzlement, and employee misconduct.  Lee Law Firm provides an efficient, confidential, and thorough investigation which allows an employer to potentially shield itself from liability while also improving employee morale and satisfaction.  Another benefit of having Lee Law Firm conduct the internal investigation is that it ensures that the Company's in-house counsel or HR individuals will not become witnesses in the case (as to the investigation) if it proceeds to litigation.  

The scope of Lee Law Firm's investigation is flexible based on the needs of the employer but can include the following recommendations:

  • Whether to investigate and if so, the appropriate type of investigation

  • Whether to have the investigation conducted internally or externally, and if internally, the appropriate individuals to conduct the investigation

  • Identify the potential witnesses and documents to review

  • Prepare templates for each witness interview

  • Identify interview techniques and themes

  • Analyze the investigation findings and determine remedial next steps needed

  • Prepare for potential litigation

Lee law Firm has significant experience conducing workplace investigations and will conduct a neutral and thorough investigation, please contact us for a free attorney consultation.

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