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Our Principles

We founded Lee Meier to provide exceptional representation to individuals and organizations in employment disputes. After a collective two decades of practice with two leading employment firms, we saw--time and time again--cases where employees lost or settled for far less than the value of their claims because they were outmaneuvered by defense firms. 

Now, we offer employees the same top-tier representation available to employers. Our practice and approach to litigation is driven by these principles: 

  • Speed. We maintain limited caseloads to ensure each case gets the attention it deserves. Delay is the defense's friend. Some firms maintain a very high caseload per attorney, which can result in a case not receiving the attention it deserves or sufficient action to develop the facts. We take a different approach through selective case acceptance. This allows us to focus on all of our cases, pressure test the defense early and often, and ensure that we keep the initiative and advantage. 

  • Innovation. We leverage and invest in technology to litigate and manage cases, including the latest in generative artificial intelligence. By pursuing an automation-first strategy, we reduce the possibility of overlooked facts, increase the velocity of our cases, and find things other lawyers miss. 

  • CreativityLaw is one of the few games where you change the rules by playing. We are committed to creating employee-friendly precedent and making novel arguments rather than simply follow the normal playbook. 

  • Success. Success means different things to different clients. We work with our clients to understand what success means to them and help them chart a path to achieve it. 

Our Clients

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