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Employment Contract Review

Georgia is an "at-will" employment state which means that, in the absence of an enforceable employment contract (such as an employment agreement or a collective bargaining agreement), an employee can be terminated for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all, as long as the reason is not unlawful.  There are some types of employment contracts that can alter the at-will employment relationship or provide recourse for employees who are unfairly terminated.  Therefore, it is important to have an attorney review the employment contract to ensure it is clear, complies with federal and state law, and carries out its intended purpose.

There are a variety of employment contracts including:

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Non-solicitation agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Commission/bonus agreements

  • Employment agreements for doctors, corporative executives and highly skilled professionals

Lee Law Firm has extensive experience reviewing and preparing employment contracts.  If you are in need of an experienced employment attorney, please contact us for a free attorney consultation. 

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