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Employee Advocacy
A voice for your story.  

People are driven by narratives--by stories. In employment disputes, every employer has a story they tell. We help employees tell their story and puncture the employer's narrative. 

We represent employees who have been victims of wage theft, discrimination, or retaliation. To do so, we draw on our past experience litigating hundreds of employment cases on behalf of employees and employers. Our clients also choose us because we know the defense’s playbook. We spent nearly a decade practicing at two of the leading employment defense firms, where we represented many large companies in complex employment cases. As a result, we know how to find the holes in a defendant’s case and increase our client’s recovery.


We also represent companies and individuals in employment-related business litigation relating to non-competes and trade secret misappropriation. 

In all disputes we handle, we leverage cutting-edge technology and processes to deliver exceptional results for our clients. 

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Lee Meier

695 Pylant Street N.E. #105

Atlanta, GA 30306


Tel:  404-301-8973

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